Clip n Climb Hutt Park
Clip ‘n Climb Huttpark93 Hutt Park Road,
Lower Hutt,Wellington


At Clip ‘N Climb Hutt Park, we value your safety and we believe safety is EVERYONE’s responsibility.

We provide you with the most advanced and safest equipment, TRUEBLUE Auto Belays , which is the only auto belay device rated to the highest Worldwide Climbing Standard. Check it out at

We also provide you with a Safety Briefing which includes, a proper fitting of the harnesses, instruction in use of the carabiners, safety checks before, during and descending down from your climb, and a visual demonstration of what ‘safe climbing’ looks like in the Clip ‘N Climb Hutt Park climbing arena. We require all Clip ‘N Climb participants to complete an online Safety Waiver to ensure that everyone understands our Terms and Conditions and Safety Guidelines before climbing.

We reinforce these Safety Checks:

  • Self Check: Harness check, Caribiner Check, and Rope Check
  • Staff/Checker’s Check: Belay Line Connection Check

To make each exciting attraction as fun and as safe as possible, it is your responsibility to follow the instructions of our well trained Climb Instructors/Staff and comply with the following Safety Rules and Restrictions:


  1. Climbers must have a colour coded session wrist band before entering the climbing arena.
  2. Climbers must wear a Clip ‘N Climb harness at all times when inside the climbing arena.
  3. Climbers must attend a Safety Briefing before climbing.
  4. Climbers must always be clipped to the auto belay before climbing.
  5. Climbers aged 13 and under must have their belay line connection checked by an adult each time before they climb.
  6. Climbers must follow Staff instructions, Safety Rules and Restrictions at all times.
  7. Climbers must tie long hair back and no jewellery is to be worn. Eye wear to be secured.
  8. Climbers must wear closed toe shoes and comfortable clothing.


  1. Climbers must not eat, chew gum or drink in the climbing arena.
  2. Climbers must not run, jump or push each other in the climbing arena.
  3. Climbers must not hold onto or pull down on the safety rope whilst climbing.
  4. Climbers must not bounce out from the wall during descent.
  5. Climbers must ensure there is only one climber per wall.
  6. Climbers must not be pregnant, impaired by a medical condition or are wearing a cast.
  7. Climbers must not wear skirts or dresses, jandals, sandals, high heels or climb barefooted.
  8. Climbers must not consume alcohol before or during their climbing session.